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  • Mon 12th Oct 2020 - 7:49am

    A hospitality job is a career option that deals in working directly with guests in restaurants, hotels, theme parks and similar facilities designed for recreational activities. Although many hospitality jobs are front of the house, some offer opportunities in back support, such as accounting, marketing and sales etc. To work in the hospitality sector, one generally needs to have a strong desire to work with people and provide them with excellent service. You may regularly stay on your feet for long hours, especially if you choose a job in the food and beverage section. Many people in the hospitality industry start in entry level positions post their course from a Hotel Management Institute in Delhi, but this is a field where individuals can move up to higher roles that offer larger salaries.

    Knowing Cradle of Management Institute

    Established with the aim to empower the common students by making them industry leading hoteliers, Cradle of Management Institute has been very well successful to become very famous when it comes to a hotel management institute in Delhi. Situated at a close proximity to the international airport and Gurgaon, enjoying a wonderful connectivity, CMI can be accessed by road from any direction around. The joy of having excellent faculty members and all support staff who are always happy to help, amazing classrooms with modern teaching equipment have helped CMI to achieve such a great height of excellence. It has all departmental practical labs where the students regularly attend their classes to sharpen their dexterity.

    Acquire Proper Education

    A hotel management course from a reputed institute like CMI will help you land the right job with the right package. Look out for courses that are certified or you may consider to seek guidance from a career counselor at CMI. You may consider further study if you want to specialize in a particular sector of hospitality.

    Let us discuss some of the best parts of the industry-

    Fast Growing Future

    Hospitality industry is the 21st century’s fastest growing industry. With the industry evolving further everyday, the jobs are also becoming more and more diverse. For example, the traditional departments of front office, concierge and guest relations have seen new job additions. The new age travelers demand accommodation and services that match their needs and lifestyle, therefore the skill sets of the workforce need to evolve to meet the requirements.


    Another reason to go for a career in the hospitality industry is the multicultural environment. When you work within the hospitality industry, you get to meet people from different ethnicities and cultures. People from all over the world can be found working in the industry with their different culture, language and ideas. When pursuing your course from a hotel management college, you are bound to get exposure on this front.

     Gives You Room to Grow

    A career in the hospitality industry allows you to grow yourself both professionally and in person. You will be able to improve the professional skills you have, with a focus on commitment and time. You will learn from your colleagues and clients, and tackle different situations that arise in the course of your work. Some of the skills required in your job, such as communication skills, organizational skills, will become pivotal in the way you work. You will keep on learning other skills as you gain more experience.


    The hospitality industry is demanding yet exciting. What makes the hospitality industry so exciting are the changing dynamics of the industry, and the different responsibilities you will handle in the course of your job.  In fact, there are several occasions where people stay in the same hotel right from the beginning of their career, rising to a managing position. You will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with people from different nations, cultures and backgrounds.

    To conclude, the hotel industry is best for those who want a career that is interesting and both challenging. As with any other career, there will be ups and downs but in the end you will be rewarded if you deserve. You may need to pursue an additional education from a Hotel Management Institute in Delhi, to work in some of the highest paying hospitality jobs, but to achieve those positions you need extensive experience in the industry. In a higher paying role, you’ll likely be able to take on additional responsibilities that can offer you to showcase your skills in areas like people management and leadership.

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